New Focus Associates

Panning For Gold

  We already know why we prospect.  Learn how, when, where and who to prospect.

Preparing Your Case

  Learn why ‘you are the message’ and why the buyer responds to you as they do.  What should you have in your sales arsenal as a result.

Opening the Interaction

  How to build trust in your first contact and opening for the discovery call.

Uncovering Challenges

  Learn that selling is a skill and requires the use of proper discovery tools.

Resolving Challenges

  How to introduce the right solutions for our potential clients so they are more readily accepted.

Handling Customer Reactions

  Understand there are four basic customer responses and learn how to handle each.

Closing The Interaction

  70% of all interactions end without asking for a commitment of any kind.  Learn how to “ask”.

Role Playing

  Practice does not make perfect.  Practicing ‘perfect’ makes perfect.

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